Lending Club

Investor Onboarding

Project Overview

Lending Club had a good, basic online flow to get money onto it's platform. I used UX methodologies to make it more successful and prove the value of a user-centered process.


1 Designer, 1 Product Manager, 2 Developers

What I Did

User Research
User Testing
Persona Development
UX/UI Design
Responsive Web Design
Visual Design
Production Handoff

The Process I Used

Strategy—  Define the problem, clarify business objectives and success criteria
Research—  Evaluate current product, analyze competitors, talk to customers
Analysis—  Identify pain points, understand user goals, create/revise personas
Design—  Create hypothesis with assumptions, incorporate user stories, sketch solutions, test prototypes to validate assumptions, REPEAT
Production—  Handoff and guide final designs into development

Notable Implementations

After several iterations, the following themes we discovered held up throughout the process and made it into launch —

Go Mobile First—  Simplify the design and content using a ‘mobile first’ approach
Be Friendlier—  Use language with a friendlier more conversational toneMake It
More Engaging—  Use sliders to set custom automated investment allocations
Update the Look—  Use this as an opportunity to refresh the visual design of the UI elements to give a more contemporary feel and move away from the current dated look


The new flow was fully pushed live in December 2016 and proved to be a big success and a nice win for the design team in the eyes of company stakeholders. It produced a significant uptick in key metrics and better than expected conversion across the board, leading to more support for a user-centered approach and earlier involvement on projects going forward.

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