Justin Billmeier
Content Designer | Product Designer

Strategic Design, Measurable Results.

Content Design

Product Design

Coursera— Course Import Flow
Designed and tested a new import flow experience.
I used product design and writing guidelines to optimize interactions and validation messages with microcopy.


Validation messages

UI design


Usability testing

Coursera— Course Template
Improved course authoring efficiency by ~50%.
I worked cross-functionally with research and product to create the structure and messaging of our first importable course template.

User Research


Competitive analysis

Info. Architecture

Writing and editing

Usability testing

Content Design

Pace— Onboarding
In this exercise, I analyzed the user journey and redesigned the onboarding flow.
GuerillaBox— Error Messages
In this exercise, I used brand voice guidelines to create error messages and redesign the signup screen.
Lingual— Feedback Methods
In this exercise, I used brand voice guidelines to create feedback messages using the most appropriate UI patterns.

Product Design

Product Design

Lending Club
Investor Onboarding
Bart App
Lending Club
Investing Home Page

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